S10 EASA AD Loose Bearings

S10 EASA AD Loose Bearings


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September 27, 2004 | D-2004-443

A control lever with a loose bearing was found during the production of the powered sailplane S10. The following inspection of other levers has shown that a bearing may become loose during the operation of the powered sailplane. Except for one connection, all the other connections between push-rods and levers are held in a fork-design that does not allow the joints to disengage due to a loose bearings It is normally possible to find a slack
bearing during the scheduled maintenance of the aircraft. A typical indication for a slack bearing is that it sticks out of its supporting lever. The only joint which may completely disengage due to a loose bearing is the connection between the aileron control rod 10SQ-RMB and the connecting shaft 10SQ-RMW.

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