Zero Compromise

The freedom and independence of powered flight meets world class performance and 53:1 soaring.


The Stemme foldable and variable pitch propeller is installed in the Stemme Grand Tourer S12-G and disappears completely into the propeller dome. To start the propeller, the dome slides out and the propeller blades unfold. It takes just 5 seconds to convert from glide mode to engine mode.

Premium Equipment

The Garmin Autopilot is an integral part of the richly equipped Cockpit. In disconnected mode it offers extreme direct control, unbeatably immediate and sensitive. With its innovative electrical trim, the Stemme Grand Tourer S12-G provides high accuracy to the pilot.


A Garmin G3X panel introduces advanced flight display technology to the Stemme Grand Tourer. The 7" touch screens come with built-in ADHRS, Digital Engine Monitoring, Moving Map Navigation and Autopilot control.

S12-G Avionics Suite

Dual 7" Garmin g3-x touch displays

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Power Plant

Rotax 914 f2/s1

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