S10 EASA AD Crankshaft Cracking

S10 EASA AD Crankshaft Cracking


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November 24, 2011 | 2011-0224-E

During a production process review, a deviation (double side straightening) in the manufacturing process of certain Part Number (P/N) 888164 crankshafts has been detected, which may have resulted in cracks on the surface of the crankshaft. Only a few crankshafts are suspected to have received this double side straightening treatment, but it has been impossible to identify these by individual serial number (s/n). To address this safety concern, BRP-Powertrain issued Alert Service Bulletin ASB-912-059 and ASB-914-042 (single document) with instructions to identify and inspect the entire batch of crankshafts that could be affected. These crankshafts have been installed on a limited number of engines, but some crankshaft sets have also been shipped as spare parts.

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